CRIOTHERM s.r.l. is an Italian company that operates, since 1964, on the national and international market with the spirit of designing and manufacturing special equipment for industry.

At first the production has concerned a very low temperature climatic chambers for laboratory and materials treatment, refrigeration rooms for high vacuum in the field of vaporization of metals and semiconductor fridge-blood bank destined to hospital containers aboard Augusta helicopters.

In a second time the production has gone into the field of the distillation of chlorinated solvents for then affirming in the field of the telecommunications with the:


Production in this field began in the mid '60s with the advent of radio links, at the request of the then SIP - STIPEL.

In this area therefore we feel to be among the first, if not the first, on the domestic market.

The first Dehydrators, installed in Italy were static with cylinder with dry nitrogen at high pressure. But soon it was felt that the systems had to be protected by dynamic Dehydrators newly developed.

At the end of the sixties the first Dehydrators with compressor were designed. They have the particularity of using pumps with very low energy input, don’t need inrush current,  without vibrations, extremely noiseless, which require no ordinary maintenance.

For the first time it is introduced, with the design of automatic regeneration dehydrators, the use of two pumps instead of one compressor coupled with solenoid valves.
The new system is simpler and trouble-free, each pump also acts as a temporary reserve to the other, and their duration is doubled by working alternately.
This system has been progressively codified by the main companies in the field of Telecommunications in Italy and abroad: SIP - TELECOMDIFE - NATO ...

The result is more than satisfactory, supported by the long life of equipment with costs for repairs and maintenance virtually nil. Over 50% of production is installed abroad, all over the world and in all environmental conditions.

Within the range of our products, some models are installed in plant of the Ministry of Defense and have been codified by NATO.

The fruit of our efforts and the experience of more than forty years of work have allowed us to develop a full range of systems for the protection of wave guide and coaxial cables in order to satisfy every need, from small passive systems (CRIOTHERM patent) to the largest redundant systems for satellite plant including all accessories for proper and quick installation.

CRIOTHERM has its own internal laboratory with climatic chamber for testing in a controlled atmosphere at temperatures from -30 ° C to +50 ° C.

Among our highly valued customers, we can boast of companies such as:

Telecom Italia • Alcatel-Lucent Italia • Alcatel-Lucent France • Vodafone • Telespazio

Wind Infostrada • H3G • SIAE Microelettronica • Siemens Mobile Communications

Aeronautica Militare Italiana • Esercito Italiano • NAMSA


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